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Tasneem Threading

eyebrow shaping & forehead     $25

threading eyebrows and your forehead, go hand in hand. finishing off the brows
with a clean forehead gives you a polished and smooth look.


upper & lower lip     $15
remove facial hair above, below, and around the mouth, to bring out and emphasize those gorgeous lips.


cheeks & side burns     $18
glistening cheeks and clean side burns will give you the confidence to pull your hair back, and create a look that is sleek and sassy.


chin & neck     $15
a slick jaw line and a long neck can be highlighted by a quick, clean, sweep, of the thread.


full face & neck     $70
what most women don’t understand is that threading isn’t only best to remove unwanted hair or shape brows, it also helps with the way makeup shows up on your face. with fine baby hairs, your foundation will not settle or blend well into your skin, giving you a blotchy and uneven appearance. now, you can have a smooth and refined look to go along with your fabulous brows!


brow bass         **come in and ask for current special**

boost them brows with bb’s 3 step brow bass: thread. tint. touch up.

brow bass threading. tint. touch up.