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07 Oct Lowest Microneedling Deals of the Season!

Get your hands on the LOWEST Microneedling with Dermapen deals of the season! ONLY $225/ session with FREE neck & décolleté, when you buy a package of 3! Find this deal and MANY MORE this Saturday, October 10th, from 12 – 4pm! Join us for Indian food, photo booths, door prizes, and fun! Call to schedule your $20 brow with FREE upper lip and save yourself a spot!Microneedling at the Brow boutique Lake Oswego, Portland

Microneedling has drastically reduced my acne scars and pigmentation.  The concept makes sense…it induces collagen growth and thats exactly what it did.  I grew new skin under the scars and the discoloration and everything turned over faster than it would normally have.  After 3 treatments, the pigmentation was gone.  I’m coming back for more.  Thanks Tasneem!

~ Deborah J. 9/14/15

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29 Sep Day of Gratitude: SAVE THE DATE ~ OCT. 10, 2015

SAVE THE DATE! The Brow Boutique Celebrates YOU our loyal clients…we will be offering THE BEST PRICES OF THE SEASON, Service Specials, Package Specials and Product Specials to get an early start on the Holiday Season! There will be door prizes, botox drawings, food, and fun!

~~~October 10, 2015 from 12 – 4pm~~~

Day of Gratitude

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22 Oct microneedling on good morning america, and we have it right here in Lake Oswego and Portland





“I just had this service done by Tasneem on Monday, and I have to say the treatment was essentially pain free, and I felt my skin immediately respond to the needling procedure. Today my skin feels amazingly tight, and I can feel the turnover process happening as well. I am scheduled for 5 more treatments, scheduled about a month and a half apart. I have some acne scaring from when I was a teen that we will be focusing on. I love that the brow boutique is up-to-date with the technology times. Thanks Tasneem! ~ Theresa Hutchison



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12 Jun The Coconut Oil Cleansing Method

So, have you ever heard of the dissolution Theory? The Oil Cleansing Method is based on the chemistry based principle that “like dissolves like”. To say it another way, “oil dissolves oil” so it’s pretty obvious that “water cannot dissolve oil”. This principle explains why many water based cleansers aren’t that effective when it comes to removing makeup or cleaning out pores.

This treatment is great to do at night, right before bedtime, and this deep cleanse should be done at least once a week. In the morning after performing this method, just do a quick wipe over with a warm washcloth, moisturize with Coconut oil, and you’re good to go. You never want to over cleanse your skin as this will serve only to irritate and cause more oil production. The objective of using this method is to deep clean while balancing your skin’s oil production at the same time.

Items you’ll need:

A soft washcloth, your Castor oil blend, and hot water. Or if you choose to steam your face, you’ll need either a facial steamer machine, or you may achieve the same affects by pouring hot water into a heat resistant bowl, and a towel to place over your head to trap the steam.

1. Pour 1 T of castor oil in a small bowl. Then add about 4 drops of your choice of moisturizing oils into the castor oil. Grapeseed oil is a sure bet, some people use Apricot and Rose Seed Oil to smooth out the fine lines, Avocado is great for restoring elasticity to the skin, and my all time favorite is Coconut Oil (It’s absolutely great for everything!), Or a combination of all or any. BB’s Whipped Coconut Body Butter is a perfect blend of coconut and avocado oil, making it ideal for the oil cleansing method.

2. Begin massaging the oil into your face. This will remove makeup, dirt, and other impurities, so there is no need to use a makeup remover or wash your face prior to the cleaning. Coconut oil also removes stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and Coconut oil can also be used as a make-up remover too, this stuff is amazing.

3. Using slow, firm motions across the skin, massage the oil deeply into your pores. Take your time and focus on your problem areas. Work the Castor/Coconut oil into your pores so that blackheads and the like can be dissolved and steamed away.

4. Relax, and give the oil enough time to work on dissolving and pulling out all of the impurities from your pores. Leave on your face a minimum of 15 minutes.

5. Pick up your washcloth and soak it in a bowl with the warm/hot water. You will want the water to be warm enough to open your pores and remove the dirt and oil. Cool water will not open your pores, nor will it remove the oil efficiently. Be very careful not to scald your skin, you are steaming your face to coax your pores to release the oils that are carrying the impurities. This is essentially the same process that your esthetician would use, but without the luxury of a steam machine. Lean your head back and place the warm wash cloth on top of your face. Allow it to stay until it cools. You will feel your pores releasing the impurities. Repeat this step 4 to 5 times rinsing the washcloth in between and getting it warm again, avoiding the urge to wipe the oil away. On your last steam, gently wipe the oils from your face. Avoid any temptation to scrub, as you’ll find it’s completely unnecessary and your skin will be soft, smooth, and free of dirt without the additional manual exfoliation and irritation that can result. Impurities, dead skin cells, and bacteria will be gently swept away.

The OCM method also works by steaming your face with hot water over a bowl.  Place your face over the bowl and put a towel you’re your head to trap in the steam. This method is extremely effective, and you can adjust the amount of heat on your face by moving close to, or away from, the bowl. Steam under the towel for about 15 minutes, and wipe your face clean with a warm wash cloth.

After the OCM, do an ice water rinse to close the pores, then spritz the face with your own organic blend of Chamomile and Green Tea toner (recipe below). Once the toner is absorbed, moisturize with Coconut Oil.

BB’s Summertime Facial Recipes:

OCM Coconut Facial Cleanser

1 T BB’s Castor Oil
5 drops BB’s Coconut Oil or ½ teaspoon BB’s Whipped Coconut Body Butter

Follow the directions mentioned above in the OCM blog.

Coconut Oil Facial Mask

1 tsp BB’s Coconut Oil or 1 tsp BB’s Whipped Coconut Body Butter
1 tsp Raw Honey

Mix well, and apply to your face. Let sit for 15 minutes, rinse with luke warm water, and moisturize with coconut oil.

Raw Honey Benefits:

         Acne and enlarged pores



Hyperpigmentation, sensitive, mature, and dull lifeless skin

Green Tea and Chamomile Spritzer

1 Organic Green Tea bag

1 Organic Chamomile Tea bag

3 drops of Pure Glycerin

1 cup of boiling water

Steep both bags in the cup of water. Let cool, add 3 drops of glycerin, and pour it into a spritzer. The natural antioxidants in tea, when applied topically to the skin, will help prevent and reverse troublesome skin conditions. The glycerin brings rapid hydration to your skin, while the chamomile soothes it. For added benefit, spritz a fine mist and allow to dry before applying your favorite sunscreen.

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09 Mar Booming Business in Bridgeport

Brow Boutique, a threading bar in Bridgeport, Tigard, is expanding its outreach as its founder and owner Tasneem Rahman recently returns from a training trip to Korea. Originally from Pakistan, she seeks to combine the age-old art of eyebrow threading with the latest insight of Korean skincare professionals. Rahman, who recently opened her threading bar in Bridgeport, has celebrated a diverse and rising clientele who are turning to alternative, more traditional hair removal options. But Brow Boutique does not stop at just eyebrow shaping; its philosophy espouses a holistic approach to skincare and beauty. With spa services such as facial masks, waxing and eyebrow/eyelash tinting, Brow Boutique has expanded and revolutionized the standard spa experience.

Rahman is a certified esthetician who boasts of over 25 years of experience in threading and has received professional training in Singapore, Pakistan, Korea, London and Dubai. Additionally, she has a BS in Psychology which gives her an advantage in understanding the unique emotional and physical demands of her clients. With an emphasis on enhancing each person’s natural beauty, Rahman uses her educational background in facial expression and musculature to create a look tailored to every individual. Rahman hopes that her expertise and services revitalize her clients’ self-image long after they walk out of the Brow Boutique. She recommends that each service offered be maintained by regular visits to the spa, as well as with the purchase of Brow Boutique’s high-end products. Rahman, a Skinceuticals trainee, offers top-of-the-line Skinceutical items for sale and organic oils such as grape-seed and castor. Whether you are coming in for a quick fix or for an entirely renewed skincare regimen, Brow Boutique combines innovation and tradition in order to fulfill each client’s distinct needs. Don’t expect too quick of a fix though, as Rahman takes her time to gage each client and deliberate on every step of her services to ensure precision and accuracy. In all, Brow Boutique promises a friendly environment, excellent service and even better results.

Written by Sharia Mayfield

March 5, 2013

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