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Eyebrow Maintenance

01 Dec Find Unique Gifts at the Brow Boutique

What?! It’s December all ready? ??   Good news… You got 24 more shopping days till’ Christmas! Stop by the Brow Boutique and find unique and much wanted gifts, stocking stuffers, and Gift Certificates for all the gorgeous people on your list!

christmas shopping at the brow boutique

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21 Sep Eyebrow Shaping is an Art

Eyebrow threading at the Brow Boutique is more than just removing hairs…it’s an art. Eyebrow shaping with balance in mind is what we aim for on a face. Symmetry created by the facial bone structure is carefully examined, nose width, distance between the eyes, proportion, and arch. All of this happens on a canvas that isn’t flat. Length, width, contour, shadows, gradient, and color, all plays a role in the perfect brow. Put down those tweezers, and let the experts analyze what brow shape works best for you.

Eyebrow Shaping at the Brow Boutique

Timing is also a key element when trying to grow out your brows. Letting brows grow out for more than 6 months and waiting that long before getting threaded, isn’t really necessary due to the natural cycle of hair growth. Hair follicles have 3 phases in which they go through. The first growth cycle is called ‘anagen’, the second for regression is called ‘catagen’, and the last phase of rest is called the ‘telogen’. About 90% of your hair follicles are typically in the growth phase at any given time. It takes about 4 months for an eyebrow to complete a cycle.  Because of this short growth cycle, eyebrow maintenance with your specialist should be between 4 – 6 weeks in between.

 eyebrow growth cycle Brow Boutique


Color adds definition to your brows, and really outlines the entire face. The sun often times fades or bleaches your brows. After getting 3 solid months of summer sun, now is a good time to tint your lash and your brows adding depth and dimension to your face.

eyebrow colors Brow Boutique


Tons of Fall specials are going on now at the Brow Boutique for all of your beauty needs from facials, chemical peels, microneedling, and eyebrow threading.

Call 503.699.9999 today to make an appointment or walk in on Saturdays from 9:30am – 3:00pm or Mondays from 2:00pm – 6:00pm

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22 Mar Sugaring in Lake Oswego

Sugaring in Lake Oswego…an all natural, organic, and traditional form of hair removal, better for your skin and for the environment. No harsh chemicals to deal with and water soluble…essentially hassle free method of removing hair that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Spring cleaning is in full effect at BB!


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17 Mar The History of Sugaring

“The history of hair removal is less simple and defined than the techniques themselves. There are many guesses as to where the practice originated. Possibilities history of sugaringinclude Persia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, or Egypt. What we know for sure, though, is that hair removal was important to women even in ancient times.There is a well-known story about Malikat Saba, the queen of the ancient kingdom of Sheba, best known to us as the Queen of Sheba. The Queen of Sheba was a very hairy person. Solomon, the king of Israel, invited the Queen to come to him in his kingdom. The spirits, animals, jinn, and other natural and supernatural creatures who were the servants of the Jewish king became afraid that their kind would fall in love with this queen, and they did not wish to serve two masters. The jinn–unseen creatures of the spirit world–devised a plan. They decided to build a crystal palace on the occasion of the visit that had floors of glass above a lake, so that when the Queen stepped across the floor she would be tricked into thinking it was water, and so must raise her skirt. The King would then see her hairy legs and be repulsed. Upon the Queen’s arrival, Solomon escorted her to the new palace. Upon seeing the floor, the Queen raised her skirt and the King saw her hairy legs and was indeed, repulsed. So he called upon the jinn to see if they knew of a remedy for this. Seeing that they could not interfere with King Solomon’s love for the Queen of Sheba, the jinn suggested that the Queen shave. The King thought it was inappropriate for a woman to shave her legs as a man shaves his face, so the jinn instead devised a sticky substance called gypsum. When they applied this substance to the Queen’s legs and then pulled it off, the hair came off with it leaving the Queen’s legs smooth, and the King was pleased. From this story we see that women have been removing hair for aesthetic reasons since ancient times.” Rahman, Tasneem (2013-12-08). Threading Through Thick and Thin:  An Extensive Resource for Facial and Eyebrow Threading (Kindle Locations 102-107). Ruquia Publishing Int.. Kindle Edition. 
Tasneem believes in tradition.  If something isn’t broke, then why fix it?  Our philosophy at the Brow Boutique is to bring thousands of years of experience and methods that still work, and merge them with cutting edge techniques and scientific research for skin care.
Come and get your sugaring in Lake Oswego at the Brow Boutique
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