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Brow Boutique Threading Bar

09 Apr EyeBrow Trends for Spring 2013: Low Bold Brows

A new study by plastic surgeons seeking the perfect female brow found that women want their eyebrows to be lower, flatter and less arched. A woman’s ideal eyebrow has been migrating lower and lower to the eyes. A couple of theories that support this new findings are that women are subconsciously opting for a more masculine-looking brow.  Another theory could also be that a fuller, lower lying brow is more natural and youthful.  The days of the high arches and thin lines are long gone!

So what is the reason for this? Fluid gender dynamics, of course! According to Mark Soldin, a spokesman for the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, who told the Independent:

“Upward curvature of the eyebrows was considered to be an attractive feminine feature in the past. We are finding that more and more women are looking for a flatter, straighter, more masculine look. I think it has to do with the increasing equality of the sexes. Women are subconsciously favouring a masculine brow.”

Subconscious gender flux or not, the fuller brow has been in the Hollywood circuit for some time now worn by young actresses like Emma Watson and Camilla Belle. Some women are even turning to hair transplant surgery to fill in their overplucked brows.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, few facial features are as expressive as the eyebrows. They can express wide-ranging, subtle emotions even when the rest of the face remains neutral. When perched they look surprised, when lowered they indicate fatigue, and when puckered together, they signal anger. Given their extreme importance in facial aesthetics and emotional expression, it is not surprising that women have sought ways to change the appearance of their eyebrows to better project youth, beauty and energy.

If you’re all about achieving the latest eyebrow trends, or just want a natural looking brow that suits your face, the Brow Boutique Threading Bar is the place that will give you exactly what you want, and can help you acquire the look you deserve!

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14 Mar What is a Threading School and Which is Best for Me

The Portland School of Threading brings an infusion of tradition and design to an ancient form of hair removal now known as ‘Threading’. Our team of threading and design experts formulated a simple and efficient system that allows you to construct and create a brow shape unique to the individual by using the most accurate method to achieve the desired outcome. Threading brings preciseness and definition to brow shaping that makes it the fastest growing brow shaping and hair removing technique that is revolutionizing the beauty industry.
There are several threading classes or workshops in the area that teach basic techniques of threading. There are different ways that the thread can be wound around the fingers, but basically they produce the same result. So why choose the Portland School of Threading? Experience. Tasneem Rahman holds 25 years of experience under her belt, with a vast knowledge and understanding of design. What does design have to do with threading? Everything. The concept of design comes with an underlying notion of balance and perception. Perception is what the eye actually sees, or thinks it sees, based on the principles and elements that are presented in order to create illusion.
As we all know, the eyebrows frame the face. It brings attention to the eyes, nose, and lips. However, there may be times when certain features of a face may not need extra attention. Our students will inhabit the skills to practice slight manipulations of the shape, length, color, width, or space of the eyebrows that can distract from the area of concern. In this class, participants will learn the fundamental elements of formulating the perfect semblance without the use of stencils, templates, or measurements…You will just ‘know’ how to construct that perfect brow, and why you are doing it. Students will learn how to devise treatment plans if needed for thin or sparse brows, and offer solutions or suggest products to assist this suggestion. Students will also be able to recognize different design strategies for different ethnicities, age groups and gender.
Threading is another trick that you can add to your esthetics hat. No extra equipment is needed, it has an extremely low overhead, it’s quick and easy to start up, and it is a highly sought out method of eyebrow shaping and hair removal in the Pacific Northwest.
The Portland School of Threading is not a fly by night workshop or mini class that will just teach you how to thread. Threading is an art, and we take it very seriously. Those who successfully complete our course will receive a certificate to attest Mastery in this trade.

For more information visit us at

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09 Mar Booming Business in Bridgeport

Brow Boutique, a threading bar in Bridgeport, Tigard, is expanding its outreach as its founder and owner Tasneem Rahman recently returns from a training trip to Korea. Originally from Pakistan, she seeks to combine the age-old art of eyebrow threading with the latest insight of Korean skincare professionals. Rahman, who recently opened her threading bar in Bridgeport, has celebrated a diverse and rising clientele who are turning to alternative, more traditional hair removal options. But Brow Boutique does not stop at just eyebrow shaping; its philosophy espouses a holistic approach to skincare and beauty. With spa services such as facial masks, waxing and eyebrow/eyelash tinting, Brow Boutique has expanded and revolutionized the standard spa experience.

Rahman is a certified esthetician who boasts of over 25 years of experience in threading and has received professional training in Singapore, Pakistan, Korea, London and Dubai. Additionally, she has a BS in Psychology which gives her an advantage in understanding the unique emotional and physical demands of her clients. With an emphasis on enhancing each person’s natural beauty, Rahman uses her educational background in facial expression and musculature to create a look tailored to every individual. Rahman hopes that her expertise and services revitalize her clients’ self-image long after they walk out of the Brow Boutique. She recommends that each service offered be maintained by regular visits to the spa, as well as with the purchase of Brow Boutique’s high-end products. Rahman, a Skinceuticals trainee, offers top-of-the-line Skinceutical items for sale and organic oils such as grape-seed and castor. Whether you are coming in for a quick fix or for an entirely renewed skincare regimen, Brow Boutique combines innovation and tradition in order to fulfill each client’s distinct needs. Don’t expect too quick of a fix though, as Rahman takes her time to gage each client and deliberate on every step of her services to ensure precision and accuracy. In all, Brow Boutique promises a friendly environment, excellent service and even better results.

Written by Sharia Mayfield

March 5, 2013

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21 Feb What’s really the ‘Deal’ with Groupon?

Can you really find great deals on Groupon? Of course you can! There are some AWESOME bargains out there like half off merchandise, food, and services in our local area. Food and merchandise is straight to the point. You buy what you need and you get out without a hitch. Services on the other hand, are not that easy. Lets say, Oh…. someone put a Groupon out for half off Threading services : ) and instead of the usual $20 dollars for eyebrow threading, they have a special running for $10. WOW! That’s an awesome deal! And it says you can redeem the Groupon within the next 3 weeks. This is not a problem, because you have plenty of time in 3 weeks to spare. You buy the deal along with 600 other people (which is a very successful Groupon Ad) and then you call to make an appointment but it goes straight to voice mail because their call volume has just increased by 600 percent. So you spend the next 3 days trying to get into their books. Just know that it is nearly impossible to book 600 new people in 3 weeks, by the way! On average, it takes an experienced Threader 30 minutes to thread just the eyebrows. This time includes prep, consultation, threading/shaping, and checkout. But in the fine print of the Groupon Ad however, it says:

“Threading service will take 5 minutes, Limit 1 per customer.”

Five minutes. 5 minutes? Are you kidding? Let’s do some math. So in an 8 hour day, if you can thread 1 client in 5 minutes, that is 11 clients per hour! 88 clients per day! How exhausting for that poor Threader! Whether it is threading, waxing, hair, manicure, pedicure, or anything, how good of a service can you provide in just five minutes, if it’s $10, $5, or free? Why would anyone want to subject their precious brows to that?

The only satisfied party from this entire outcome can only be Groupon! You will have 88 unsatisfied customers per day, and 88 customers that will be looking for a real experienced Artisan Threader to fix what that other salon whipped out in five minutes. Okay, so I stand corrected. The other party that will also benefit from the Groupon ad is the one performing makeover and rescue missions for these unfortunate customers who were just trying to find an awesome deal.

Don’t get me wrong, Groupon is a fabulous way to find fantastic bargains, and to get new businesses recognized.  There just needs to be a little more thought put into the ads before placing them online. As a customer, I am always careful when buying those online coupons, and I always remember to read the fine print!


…5 minutes?!


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sister kauser is an avid traveller.  she loves to bring us beautiful treasures from all the places that she frequents throughout the year.  kauser sells these items at local trade shows, holiday booths, and the saturday market. This past year she visited pakistan and india, and brought back beautiful bags, key chains and scarves that are on display at the brow boutique threading. spa.  please stop by and support local business women and purchase some of these rare and beautiful pieces.



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