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Brow Boutique Threading Bar

10 Jan 5 Basic Brow Tips!

Here are 5 Basic Brow tips to keep your eyebrows looking their absolute best!

1. Do you want Butchered Brows? I didn’t think so. I love the DIY (Do it Yourself) craze. But, leave brow shaping to the professionals, and as you may already know…I mean expert professionals with experience and Browducation! Not your Fast Five minute Brows for Five Bucks either!!  Whether you choose to thread, wax, or pluck, let an experienced professional give you that perfect arch.

2. Full Bodied Brows frame, shape, and adds definition to your face. A well groomed eyebrow gives you a clean and polished look. Maintain your brows every 3-5 weeks to prevent over growth.

3. Build up those Brows by maintaining your brow shape every 3-5 weeks to follow the natural hair growth cycle of your brows. Between maintenance appointments, only remove hairs between the eyebrows or any obvious strands just above and below the lid using a pair of tweezers. Fill in sparse patches with either a brow pencil, brow powder or which ever products you prefer using.

4. Baby your Brows with a nightly Castor Oil massage. Castor oil penetrates deep into the hair follicle, nourishes and cleans it out with its natural antibiotic properties, all while encouraging and stimulating hair growth.

5. Let those Brows Blossom and consider a more semi-permanent alternative to pencils and powders, Eyebrow Tinting. Did you know that you can have your eyebrows dyed? And even your lashes for that matter? I know, right? It’s a life saving discovery! One less bit of make up to apply every morning. The color is matched to what best suits you, and typically lasts 3-4 weeks. This technique enhances, strengthens and defines the look of your brow…

***I can’t say enough about these Beautifying Tips that that gives more Bang for your Buck and adds Build up, Boom, and Boost, to your Bold and Brassy Brows! Find all of these quality products and expert services Only at the Brow Boutique!!!

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Tasneem Rahman
Artisan Threader
Aesthetician and Beauty Expert


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06 Jan 2013 Fashion Week Spring & Pre Fall/Winter

As we’ve witnessed this past fall in NYC’s Spring Fashion Week, Big bold eyebrows were dominating the runway as they released 2013’s Spring styles.  This year’s Fall/Winter collections are about to be debuted and guess what? Yet again the number one accessory that Designers are choosing is Big and Bold Brows!   From Alice + Olivia to Sachin + Babi, these designers all share one commonality this year…EYEBROWS!  …And lots of it!  We at the Brow Boutique are also obsessed with brows! It’s a trend that with every season becomes the main focus.  And lately, the more the merrier!  Boys, girls, bushy and bold!  But no matter how big and bold you like them, make sure you keep them well groomed and beautifully shaped!  It compliments your style and accentuates your beauty.




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02 Jan What is eyebrow threading?



Threading is an ancient old method of hair removal. Once only popular in the East, is now sweeping the West by storm. Who would’ve thought that by using a piece of cotton thread, A Threading specialist could essentially twist it between her fingers and use it as a tool to remove unwanted hair around the eyebrows and face. An experienced Artisan Threader such as Tasneem Rahman at the Brow Boutique Threading Bar in Portland Oregon, however, uses that same tool, much like a paintbrush to a canvas, to shape, define, and highlight the eyebrows by giving them a natural and organic arch that opens up and accentuates the eyes. It dramatically defines and instantly lifts the eye which gives you a clean, more polished look…Voila! A masterpiece! And speaking of masterpiece, Tasneem is an inspirational painter as well.

Artisan Threader: A title, in which I have created and appointed to one woman who is masterful, skilled, seasoned, experienced, competent, proficient, and just mind blowingly good in the art and craftsmanship of Brow Threading.

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